Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Declaring Your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax

Filing heavy highway vehicle use tax in time is important, particularly for trucking firms and other businesses that use big trucks and machinery to transport their items. It is a necessary fee meant to benefit the truckers since the funds gathered from this tax get used for the maintenance of roads and highways throughout the country. You probably know this this as basically heavy vehicle use tax. Having a general idea of what this fee is made for means that you can see the significance of heavy highway vehicle use tax. Commercial vehicles that weigh 55,000 pounds or more need to pay this tax. That much weight could cause damage to roadways, and the government must fix worn-down highways to ensure that business continues running as usual. The amount received from these taxes covers costs for these repairs. It also covers other road maintenance requirements like law enforcement organizations and emergency road response teams, to mention a few. Not all heavy vehicles get obligated to pay this tax. The state revenue department exempts emergency vehicles like fire trucks, along with government-used and other volunteer emergency response vehicles. Some commercial and agricultural trucks may also be exempt from paying the heavy vehicle use tax. Agricultural trucks traveling a distance of less than 7,500 miles are exempt. The same exemption applies for heavy commercial vehicles traveling a maximum of 5,500 miles. If you belong to these two exemptions, you still need to file your IRS Form 2990 with required documents that demonstrate you belong to the exemption. Choose from the three methods available for filing your taxes. First, you may file your Form 2290 in person at the Internal Revenue Service office where your company is registered. It is advisable to line up to obtain the form and go on a different line to pay the taxes once you fill in the form. Make sure you have the patience to wait if you opt for this option. It's possible to print a copy of the form and fill it out at home, then send it with proof of your payment to the IRS office. If you ever go along with this choice, be sure you file your documents ahead of time and check with the IRS office regularly once you mail your documents. You never know if your documents may get lost in the courier service or if they may encounter problems that push back the delivery of your taxation papers. If you need an easy way to submitting your heavy vehicle use tax, or if you don't have plenty of time to file in person, this choice is for you. You may go online to download and fill out the form electronically. Pay your dues using one of the three acknowledged methods: electronic federal tax payment system, where you schedule to pay your taxes over the phone or online; direct debit from your account; or by using a voucher. Scan your proof of payment and send this scanned copy along with your electronic Form 2290. This procedure is faster plus more convenient for many trucking companies and businesses. If you got no prior experience with filing this sort of tax, make sure you consult a financial expert or a tax attorney to assist you with the process. You may also want to hire a firm that has filing and other services. You only have to provide them with the information they require and they're going to take care of the filing and updating process for you. Pick the method you are most comfortable with and get the help of specialists to ensure you pay the right taxes.

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